Modern in Houston - by Building Type
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11402 Ashcroft

1955 Parade of Homes Keeland House

1955 Parade of Homes Wilson, Morris & Crain House

1955 Parade of Homes/Bush House

2003 Briarmead Dr.

2011 Drexel

2107 Briarmead Dr.

3206 Drummond

3423 N. MacGregor

3531 North Braeswood

4100 S. MacGregor

4114 S. MacGregor

4135 Durness Way

423 Isolde

4710 McDermed

4810 N. Braeswood

4815 Braesvalley Dr.

5007 S. Braeswood

5011 S. Braeswood

503 Electra

5302 Braesheather

5718 Warm Springs Rd.

5726 Warm Springs Rd.

5814 Warm Springs Rd

6126 Meadowlake Lane

6206 Ella Lee

7919 Glenview 1954 Parade of Homes

9211 Fordshire

9706 Cliffwood

Allen House

Barnes House

Bendit House

Bolton House

Brier House

Brooks House

Cain/Lockwood House

Carter House

Caudill First House

Chase House

Daigle House

David House

David Mendell House

Davidson House

Davis House

de Menil House

Dow House

Durst House

Evans House

Farfel House

Finger House

Finkelstein House

Frame House

George Pierce House

Gillingham House

Ginzbarg House

Godine House

Gordon House

Guarino House

Hoff House

Houck House

Hugo V. Neuhaus, Jr. House

Huvard House

Jenkins House III

Jenkins Second House

Julius and Terry Salzman House

Kaim House

Kamrath House

Kelsey House

Key House

Kirk House

Kirkpatrick House

Kottwitz House

Lamar House

Lasher House

Lawrence House

Lemmel Residence

Lewis House

Loy House

Lundy House

Lurie House

Maher House

Max and Helen Rosenbaum House

McCartney House

McEwing House

Minella House

Moore House

Morris House

O.L. Johnson House

Owsley House

Padilla House

Peoples House

Perlman House

Prebble House

Proler House

Reed House

Richardson House

Robert Fowler Residence

Rosenthal House

Salvatore and Lily Ann Muscanere House

Sammy Finger House

Sansom House

Schnur House

Selig House

Solomon House

Stern House

Taylor House

Thaxton House

Todd House

Townsend House

Walser House

Weintraub House

Weisenbaker House

White House

William Stallworth House

Wilson House

Wing House