Modern in Houston



Bank of Houston Building
Architect: Wilson, Morris, Crain and Anderson
5115 Main Street

The Bank of Houston was an homage to Miesís Berlin National Gallery of 1968 in Berlin. It was an approximate quarter-scale replica of the masterís work. The rigid steel plate roof of the Houston project was 90 feet square, that of the German project 213 feet square. Its interiors were designed by celebrated Houston interior designer Sally Walsh.

As was often the case, Miesís disciples completed their work before he did. Two other well known examples were Philip Johnsonís Glass House of 1949 which referenced the Farnsworth House of 1950 and SOMís Lever House of 1952 which was inspired by schemes that came to fruition in the Seagram Building of 1958.

Today, aside from some unfortunate signage, the building is in excellent condition with many of its original fitting still intact.

Ben Koush

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